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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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The vacuum arc coating facility is intended for deposition of functional (wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, heat-resistant, anti-friction, anti-emission, protective, etc.) coatings on large-size products (tubes, sheets, antennas, etc.). The facility provides vacuum pumping, heating and finishing ion cleaning of deposited products, production of gas medium required for technological deposition processes, deposition of coatings on three types of products:

Ц tubes 1 m - 3 m in length, 10 - 60 mm in diameter, with a maximum loading of 40 pieces; ђ

Ц sheets 2 m x 1 m in dimensions, with a maximum loading of 5 pieces; ђ

Ц antennas up to 2 m in diameter.

Technical characteristics 
Vacuum chamber (stainless steel, water-cooled):  
inner diameter, mm 2400
inner length, mm 4400
Vacuum pumping (by cryosorption pumps):  
Vacuum Arc Coating Facility (VACF) 5x10-4
pumping time till ultimate residual pressure, h 1
In-chamber heating of products (with controllable temperature):  
maximum power, kW 55
maximum temperature of products heating, пњљC 400
Technological gas supply system:  
(four channels) ,cm3/min 0-1000
Mechanisms of in-chamber products displacement:  
holder for tubes (up to 3 m in length and 60 mm in diameter) ensuring in-chamber planetary displacement,  
holder for sheets (up to 2 m in length and 1 m in width) ensuring in-chamber rotation  
holder for antennas (up to 2 m in diameter) ensuring in-chamber rotation.  
System of ion cleaning sources: 11 ion cleaning sources with possibility to control ion current and accelerating voltage  
ion current beam, mA 150 ± 30
operating accelerating voltage, kV 1 - 4
System of electric-arc sources of metallic plasma (11 electric-arc sources with possibility to regulate arc current and plasma flow distribution):  
operating current, A 40 - 130
operating voltage, V 25 - 35
Source of pulse bias voltage applied to product:  
pulse voltage, V 0 - 1000
pulse current, A 0 - 70
pulse repetition rate, Hz 25 - 25000
pulse duty factor, % 5 - 50
Common power supply and control system:  
program-logical control of vacuum pumping, operation of ion  
and arc sources  
possible computer control over facility  
maximum consumed power, kW 150
maximum water consumption, m3 /h 6,2


1. V.V. Ivanov, D.A. Karpov, V.A. Krilov et al., Vacuum arc coatings facility VACF (development, manufacturing, experiments). Voprosi atomnoy nauki i tehniki, 2005, series: Eletrofizicheskaya apparatura, issue 3 (29), pp.116-125 (in Russian).


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Vacuum Arc Coating Facility (VACF) 2004 Chinese Precision Machinery Import and Export China

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