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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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The facility is designed for development and investigation of novel ion-plasma nanotechnologies, as well as for realization of ion nitriding and coating deposition technologies for various commercial products.

Plasmatekh-M facility


Ion nitriding, plasma surface treatment and coatings deposition to improve materials surface properties:

  • wear-resistant,
  • anti-corrosive,
  • heat-resistant,
  • protective,
  • anti-emission,
  • decorative.

These properties are ensured by ion nitriding and coating deposition of:

1. any metals

2. metal nitrides

3. metal carbides

4. metal oxides

5. carbon coatings

The methods used:

ion nitriding

treatment in glow and abnormal glow discharge

treatment by cathode spots of vacuum arc

vacuum arc coating deposition (with/without macroparticles filtering)

magnetron coatings deposition (stationary and pulsed mode including HIPIMS technology)

Facility composition and technical characteristics:

Water-cooled vacuum chamber 1 m3 in volume

Oil free vacuum pumping system ensuring background pressure of 5x10-5 Pa

System for in-chamber heating of samples with temperature control

Technological gas supply system (four channels)

Substrate bias supply system

System of ion and plasma treatment of samples (glow and abnormal glow discharge, vacuum arc plasma, special ion sources)

System of plasma coatings deposition (filtered/unfiltered arc sources and magnetron sources)

Features: Possibility to realize ion and plasma treatment of materials surfaces, coatings deposition processes and their different combinations.

Diagnostic and accessories:

Scanning electron microscope Phenom 3G ProX with x100,000 magnification and determination of the chemical composition of the samples (both conductive and non-conductive materials).

Metallographic microscope METAM LV-41 with x2000 magnification and possibility of digital imaging for processing and analysis.

Tribometer Calowear (CSM Instruments) for determination of the coatings thickness (> 100 nm) and coatings wear resistance (spinning ball on a flat substrate).

Microhardness tester PMT-3M with a load range from 0.0196 N to 4.9 N.

Precision cutting, grinding and polishing machines for probes preparation.

Ultrasonic bath for sample pre-cleaning.

Drying oven (up to 500C) for samples thermal treatment.


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