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Linac LUER-20M

The LUER-20M medical linear electron accelerator is isocentric megavoltage radiotherapy equipment intended for distant radiotherapy by photon and electron beams in both static and rotary modes.

The accelerator is recommended for use in specialized oncological clinics. It may be also used for research purposes in medicine and biology.

The LUER-20M may be used for treatment of not only oncological patients when it is completed with hardware environment complex for stereotactic radiotherapy of intracranial small size pathologic and small objects by photon narrow beam.


Boundary photon energy, MeV 6 and 18
Average absorbed dose rate  
- 6 MeV photon energy 2
- 18 MeV photon energy 3
Normal treatment distance (NTD), m 1±0.005
Rectangular irradiation field size range (at NTD), sm 2x2 - 40x40

Electron energy, MeV 5; 8; 11; 14; 17; 20
Average absorbed dose rate 5
Normal treatment distance, m 1±0.005
Rectangular irradiation field size range (at NTD), sm 4x4 - 26x26


Geometrical and mechanical parameters 
Gantry rotation angle ±180°
Rotation angular velocity, °/min 120 and 240
Isocentre plane-to-floor distance, sm, no more 130
Radiation head diaphragmatic system turn angle ±90°
Isocentre deviation with gantry rotation, mm ±1

Maximum mains power consumed by the accelerator facility (3x380/220 V, 50 Hz), kW 45
Water flow rate in the outer cooling loop, m³/s 3
Water temperature in the outer cooling loop, °C, no more 25

EquipmentLxWxH, mmWeight, kg
Irradiator 2855x1250x2855 6400
Microwave generator 814x1020x2030 700
Klystron modulator 814x1020x2030 890
Control cabinet 564x650x2030 180
Interface rack 564x500x2030 150
Water cooler 1055x1075x900 425
Treatment control terminal 530x430x270 21

The irradiator and microwave generator are located in treatment room fitted with the radiation protection shielding and maze passage. The room must be about 50 m2 in area and at least 3.5 m. The rest of equipment is distributed over the rooms with the total area about 30 m2.

The accelerator is both manually and PC computer controlled. The control system provides the accelerator start-up, setting, control and monitoring of many parameters e.g. irradiation mode, electron energy, dose rate and total dose, gantry rotation angle and speed, gantry position, irradiation field size, etc.

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