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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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External injection system permits:

  • to increase considerably intensity of formed beams
  • to maintain high vacuum in cyclotron at the presence of autonomous pumping out system of external injection path
  • to reduce radiation background during operation
  • flexible adjustment of beam with the central area of cyclotron

External injection system constsits of:

  • H-/D- multipole plasma source with magnetic filter
  • delivery channel with elements of ion-optical system
  • spiral electrostatic inflector

Main parameters 
H- beam current, mA 1 - 3
Beam energy, keV 30
Current of arc discharge, A 5 - 25
Voltage of arc discharge, V 80 - 110
Discharge chamber dimensions, sm 10x7.5
Cathode heating current, A 25 - 40
Operating pressure, Torr, no less 3x10-3
Filter thickness, Gauss cm, no more 600
Operating mode continuous

The delivery channel consists of 1.8 m ion guide and focusing system. The ion-optical system contains 4 quadrupole magnetic (SmCo5) lenses with discrete adjustment of magnetic field from 1 to 2 T/m and 2 correcting magnets intended for positioning of beam relatively ion guide axis.

Spiral electrostatic inflector is used for beam turn from vertical channel to the cyclotron median plane. The inflector height is 3 cm, the gap between plates is 1 cm, plate voltage is 25 kV.

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