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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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Medical linear electron accelerator SL75-5-MT is an isocentric megavoltage therapeutic unit that is aimed for radiation therapy through deceleration radiation in static and rotary conditions.

The linear accelerator generates deceleration radiation with the energy of 6MeV and provides maximum power of the absorbed dose at 1 meter from the target in the range 350-500 rad / min.

In 1997-2002 at NIIEFA was organized serial production of accelerators SL75-5-MT. During this period of time 58 machines were produced. Accelerators were supplied and put into operation in oncological clinics of Russia.

Линия сборки излучателей ускорителей  СЛ75-5 МТ СЛ-75-5 МТ
Accelerators SL75-5-MT radiators assembly line

In the process of accelerators production preparation there had been modernized drastically all production workshops of the linear accelerators’ research and production complex, as well as NIIEFA’s cyclotrons. Two test facilities were equipped for complex tests. There is an accelerators operating service center.

Accelerator SL75-5-MT meets the standards of The International Electrotechnical Commission for linear accelerators used in medicine.

Main parameters 
Photon energy, MeV 6
Maximum absorbed dose rate at 1 meter target-source distance 3,5-5,0
Source-isocentre distance, sm 100±0,5
Isocentre-floor level distance, sm 118±0,5
Maximum radiation field size, sm 40х40
Maximum gantry rotation angle 420°
Maximum radiation head rotation angle 370°
Maximum power consumption (3х380/220 V), kW 17
Cooling water floor in the outer loop, m³/s 2

EquipmentLxWxH, mmWeight, kg
Gantry and base frame 2850х1080х2050 3000
Counterweights 510х750х680 1400
Mounted cabinets, 2 pcs 400х610х1900 260
Treatment control terminal 600х600х380 47
Treatment control cabinet 680х540х690 95
Pendant 1400х150х370 36
Patient support system:    
Table-top 440х2300х50 69
Support column and bogie (slide, frame) 800х1260х890 600
Turntable 980х1020х200 430

The set of accelerator equipment is also supplemented with:

  • 20'' treatment room monitor
  • Heat exchanger
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Set of isocentre indicating lasers (laser indicator)
  • System of television observation (supervision) and communication
  • Underpan for shadow blocks
  • Set of tools
  • Set of spare parts

Accelerators SL75-5-MT were being supplied as a unit along with the Water Phantom "Wellhofer", clinical dosimeter "Keithley" and a treatment plan.

On the basis of accelerator SL75-5-MT it was designed and produced the linear electron accelerator “Allus-6M”.

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